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31.12.2020 Eight of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: So even though this is the last day of our difficult 2020 year, we are not waiting for tomorrow to be given this exciting card. If you follow me you will know I have referred this card to the Native American story of the Spider weaving the first alphabet. Creation energy is ours for the taking today. What thoughts or burning desires have been knocking at your door recently? Get ready to set the world alight in the days, weeks, months ahead and don’t hide that light under a ‘bushel’! Don’t others deserve to share in what it is you have been able to create? We too will be happy to share anything we create as well. There is always room for creativity and sharing. Some like, some don’t but that's ok. This try, try, try again energy asks us not to give up if we hit perceived hurdles. Remember JK Rowland (Harry Potter) was turned down I think it was nine times before finding a publisher for the first novel! Commit yourself to your personal project and bring it into being.

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