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31.05.2019 – Four of Pentacles

Friday: Today we find ourselves being too precious about the actual things we have in our life be that material or otherwise. When you can reach into your heart and feel that true unconditional loving energy then you find that nothing else matters, everything else becomes irrelevant. But, we are human, we need to have things to survive in this world.

Today we ask you to consider well, that which you need against that which makes your life more comfortable and, if you have that, then give gratitude for all that makes your life easier and nicer to live.

Our poverty will not make others rich – we have to always look after ourselves first.

Today you are being asked to consider if there is anything you can do to make your life better through helping someone else.

If you are already in a place of doing this then you should connect with that glow of contentment that knows you do as much as you can do.

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