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31.03.2022 XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: New moon tomorrow so here is a card that reminds us that there is no end, just change, moving onwards. More than death, the energy of stagnation is the most uncomfortable for us to experience. We should not fear death for it is only a transition into a new birth, the phoenix rising as we mentioned only yesterday. Card of liberation, leaving something behind to embrace the new. Letting go of the old to shine new light. Card of awakening, healing and rebirth. Of fearlessness, intuitiveness, perception and sensitivity. Allowing endings to happen to manifest something new. Shedding an old skin, drawing a line. Major transformation. All these and more can fall into the energy today. Letting go is a gentler energy than holding on. If things are meant to be in our lives they will come back to us. Life does not stand still. It is ever evolving. Allow the natural flow of life to carry us easily through the changes. Card of the planet Pluto in the sun sign that it rules, Scorpio. Pluto is evolution and transformation, of obsession and power. Alchemy, healing, life and death. Our water element Scorpio asks us to flow, not to lose ourselves in the depths. Not to try and control things today. A day that may have us uncovering deep secrets. Extra power for today with the numerology of today’s date being thirteen too. Reduces to four so linking again with yesterdays foundation energy.

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