• Patricia Jean Fleming

31.03.2021 Three of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A card of ‘grief and heartbreak, loneliness, separation and isolation’ – the Shadowscapes Companion book says: ‘Overcome the pain, the weeping of the heart is perhaps a necessary cleansing. Let that torment drain away; be purified of the black blood and then lift up white wings to dance with the sky once again.

This too shall pass is a useful mantra to get us through difficult times. What doesn’t serve us is to let our ego mind keep us in pain, like wearing a badge on our sleeve to show the depth of despair we may feel when we have been hurt deeply. This kind of energy does not help us to live our lives, instead we wallow in the pain and helplessness of it to show how much we cared. Truth is we don’t have to show anyone other than ourselves – we know the pain that we feel/felt. A time to bring closure and allow healing in. Wrap it up and move on from it for all it does is distort our view of life and holds us in a very uncomfortable place to be. The number three is of manifestation to assist us to move forward. What do we need to move forward from today to enable us to dance again?

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