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31.01.2022 IX The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Have you been busy and find the need to retreat? The Hermit comes calling on us today bringing the energy of healing and encouraging us to find a path within to overcome any internal blocks that we may still have by shinning a light on them. It is not about re-living pain in an ego mind kind of trying to resolve things, but in opening our heart to anything that is continuing to cause us issue. We have been guided to turn the negatives into positives for we know that is good for us. Can we now look back at things that caused us pain and put a salve over them? I was given a wonderful mantra of ‘That was then, this is now.’ and I use it often when unbidden memories surface into my now. I am not denying that they ever happened but neither am I allowing them to tarnish my future, my now. I make peace with them and move into now. They are not of this time or space and I love myself enough to allow myself to let them stay in the past. Card of analysis, commitment, conservative, methodical, modest and wise. Of solitude and retreat. What is stopping us from freely moving forward today? Let us allow healing of what has gone and find our new direction of being. Card is represented by Virgo and therefore its ruling planet of Mercury which is about perception and communication. Maybe today, that communication is with ourselves, of our going within. This evening in the Americas we have the New Moon in Aquarius beckoning us to sow our seeds of desires and wishes into the darkness as the moon travels behind the sun.

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