• Patricia Jean Fleming

30.10.2020 – Nine of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Today we have the second nine. Having two nines appear one after the other, adds to the energy of that number which is about almost being there, as at the end of our ‘journey’, project etc. It is also associated with compassion, compromises and spirituality; leading as a positive example. It is the card of the lucky planet Jupiter in the Sun sign of Pisces which is rather appropriate with all the fish in this card! How are you swimming through life today? Is it taking extra effort due to all that is happening around us? Have you found your flow or are you swimming against the tide? This card is known as the Wish Fulfillment Card, can you believe that you will be happy again? Possible opportunities are around.

The Shadowscape Companion book tells us: 'Fish are symbols of health, prosperity and good fortune. The Nine of Cups entices with the pleasure of the senses, satisfaction, and wish fulfillment.

The future is assured, and there is bounty on the horizon.'

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