• Patricia Jean Fleming

30.05.2021 XI Justice

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: We revisit the words of yesterdays card as they sing the same song today, one of balance, equilibrium and harmony. The Justice card weighs in at the master number eleven of the major arcana. Eleven in numerology is known as the Messenger. Are you picking up on the continuation of energy running through the cards as they share their story with us each day? Elevens are about being deeply insightful but this can make them introverted. We always have balance playing out in life, as in the scales of justice. The difference is that we get to use our free will to decide which way we want the energies to flow; positive or negative? It can be easy to step away from life and find enlightenment, but can we be, here, now and still find it? Can we find justice in the world only through putting ourselves into the fray? Or, is there another way? Can we find peace and justice through an action that centres our being us? Can we find the balance of who we are? The justice of who we are independently to the views and peer pressures that life would have us take on? The only people I have found that are not happy with someone being themselves is those who wish them to be different, and who gives anyone else the right to judge others?

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