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30.04.2022 Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: How exciting to see this lovely card come forward for us today in what is said to be the ‘Luckiest day of the Year when Venus is conjunct to Jupiter in Pisces. Yesterday we were offered a new path before us. Today we are being asked to make the wishes required to express our passion of what we would like that new beginning to look like. We may not always get what we wish for but, what I have found, we often get something much better for us and for the people that we engage in within this life we are living. Card of taking action to bring about positive change. We may find ourselves in a great expanse of energy in connections and conversations. A day to be open to the flow of life, to new opportunities and ‘out of the blue’ situations/travel. Today is a very special day astrologically as we have the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. New moons bring us the energy of planting seeds for the future as does today’s card. Solar Eclipses bring us destined new beginnings and opportunities. As the last two days cards have guided us. Eclipses bring change and transformation to us and the world. Heather Eland shares ‘Shocking opportunities to change our whole world could arise at this New Moon that requires our decisive action. Being that Mars is in Pisces, it could be an intense feeling compassion or creativity that spurs us forward.’ There is so much more astrology for today, check it out at

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