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29.12.2021 XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Card number thirteen. Some see this as an unlucky number but, for me, I have always felt it to be positive and lucky more than unlucky. It is about the energy of finding positivity in any situation. As I have said before, the positive aspect in the portrayal of this card as the Phoenix Rising, gives us hope to see change in a good way and that we will all rise from any situation in evolution of self.

Card of awakening, healing, re-birth and transformation. Allow endings to happen so that we can manifest the new. Cathartic, purifying energy – clearing the old to make way for something else to enter our life. Card of deep change, of letting go and endings. With every ending we arise to live another day, maybe in a different way but usually better than anything we have experienced before.

It may not feel this way at the time if we live in negativity, cup half empty. It is important to embrace this life and give gratitude for all that we do have in this world and beyond. Linked to the intensity of the Scorpio zodiac sign which is ruled by planet Pluto. This planet is currently and slowly transiting through Capricorn bringing us the qualities of the earth element and its grounded guidance of value and positivity. Today 04:09 GMT Jupiter (the lucky planet) enters its home sign of Pisces, coming home energy. See yesterday’s card for more information. Let us hold trust and faith as we progress through life today, whatever it ‘gifts’ us.

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