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29.10.2021 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: So today we have the card at the end of the pack, the last King of the last suit. When we reach the end, what then? Then there is new beginnings. We are on a journey of constant evolution, there truly is no stopping us. We may decide to ‘tread water’ now and again, or take time out to allow whatever is due to come into our life to appear. Whatever we do there is a natural flow of life and living that we mere mortals have no real control over. Perceived control possibly but never real control. Kings are of authority, they are leaders and protectors. This is a card that asks us to go in search of what makes us happy, to find joy and abundance of being. To be secure and stable in our life. It is a card of great achievement and of ascendance, in commerce or in industry e.g. our working life or our financial affairs. It can also be about someone special coming into our life, someone who stands out beyond all others. It is linked to the zodiac sign of Taurus and is sometimes known as the card of Trust. Once more I am asked to share that we each individually need to be in our own personal power and know that anyone else in our lives should enhance our life, not cause us discomfort. We can choose to suffer or be strong and choose not to have people like that in our lives. We decide.

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