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29.06.2022 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: What seeds are we planting under the darkness of the new moon? This could literally be seeding the garden or maybe we have other seeds of creativity ready to be brought to a stage of rooting pre growth. With two water elements from the Queen and the Cups we have double power linking to the sign of Cancer and its ruler the Moon. The moon is linked to our feelings, our inner emotional nature, instinct and memories. It affects us in our day to day life, in how we are in it, and with others. Virgo brings us the balanced traits of assisting, bettering, enhancing, growing, helping. Improving and organizing. Queens are caring, experienced and mature. They speak to me of the maternal energy that is present in all of us should we care to tune into it.

It makes us no less of a man in being maternal for this is a false mind set that does no one any good. Much better to listen to our intuition than the stories the mind conjures up! Card of finding a new level of understanding in what is important to us in terms of home, family and our sanctuary from the challenges of the external world. Card of coming back to who we are and protecting what’s ours – I am not talking about material goods here! Let us listen to our intuition today, not forgetting to nurture self as well as others.

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