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29.06.2021 Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: First of our two Aces this week and today the water element with the suit of cups. In fact, the two aces balance either side of a strong and bright major arcana card which will magnify the power of these cards for us and amplify the energy of new beginnings. Are we ready to embrace this energy? The hand of God, the cup of joy, this card can guide us with an offer or an opportunity of something that we really want. It can herald a new beginning in the next stage of our lives.

It is about breakthroughs and is especially linked to our emotions. Be aware of our intuition today, our inner knowledge and understanding. Have we learned to love and honour ourselves? Can we reach for the oxygen mask first before trying to assist others? Linked to the planet Venus in the Sun sign of Cancer (Venus is currently in Leo having recently left Cancer, though close enough for us to continue to feel its energy). Venus is about love, relationships and values, art and beauty, while Cancer is about care, comfort and security, though not unknown to be outgoing and playful too.

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