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29.06.2019 – XIX The Sun

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Life is changing. There is an influx of people dissatisfied with how other people tell them they should be living their lives and are searching for a new way of being.

One way is to open up to the light of the spiritual way of being.

I don’t say the word ‘Spiritual’ as one would name a religion, but, as a way of living that umbrellas all religions. The World is not the large place it was once thought to be, it has shrunk with the ability that is now at our fingertips to be anywhere therein in seconds, albeit virtually in comparison to the years it could take in the past.

How does this change your views of our World?

Are you living in fear of the ‘war mongering’ minorities that use that fear to then ‘use’ us to do their ‘dirty work’?

How many people are being blinded not by the light but by the darkness that is being spread in this World?

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