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29.04.2022 Page of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Two steps backward, three steps forward. Staying with the royals today we have the last Page of the suits, the messengers of the tarot bringing us youthful enthusiasm to our day. The message is that better is coming. It may be a financial or some other kind of opportunity that is being offered up to us. Whatever it may be it will give us a new path before us. We have the ability to manifest something new in our external reality. We are moving forward, maybe not as quick as we would like but we trust that the path ahead is better than the one behind us. Through our hard work we will achieve future material success. It won’t just land on our lap. It is of being proactive yet in listening to our intuition to know where we need to put our efforts. The Page and the Pentacles are both earth element so this is not some airy fairy, pie in the sky dream, it is grounded and real. ‘Trust the hands that work the looms of destiny,’ [Patience Strong]. Heather Eland shares that at 10.38pm BST [=GMT + 1hr] ‘Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn. . . [it] is bringing about a slow and steady transformation of the Capricornian structures of our lives, things like big government and large corrupted corporations. . . Pluto’s style is to first destroy before a rebirth may occur.’ Meanwhile, at 11.23pm BST, ‘Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini. . . The transit of Mercury through Gemini always inspires lots of new ideas or generates important new social connections, however we may only get initial glimpses of their significance as something else requires our attention for now. These ideas and connections will be revisited and re-evaluated over the next several weeks before they can be fully implemented into our lives and be sustainable.‘

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