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29.04.2021 King of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Last of our royals this week and the last card in the suit of Cups.

Our King brings us authority, leadership and protector energies. They are of Fire energy so give us creativity, expansion and will. He is of the Cups suit so also bringing us the qualities of Water energy such as emotions, intuition and feelings. He has mastered the journey of his suit and today we have the master number eleven from today’s date also. A day for deep insights and spiritual depth but that might lead us to desire solitude and quiet instead of being caught up in petty drama. Embrace free thinking today and don’t get caught up in mindless tasks. Take time to engage with creativity and in trying new things. This is the minor deck card that links to Death in the major arcana but like its alternative name we too can be the phoenix rising from the ashes today.

A day for bringing happiness into our lives for we know how to master our minds and emotions. We can do this! Remember, endings occur before beginnings. Let us be ready for something new.

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