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29.04.2019 – Five of Pentacles

Monday: Heavy energy around us today.

What is upsetting you?

What thought are you allowing to weigh you down?

Are they just thoughts or actualities?

Your negative thinking can be worked on through the ‘Power of Now’^.

Why am I thinking this? Is it real or in my imagination? Is there anything I can do about it here and now?

Our minds love to play games with us, they get bored. I talk to mine, tell it to take care of the functions of my body, to make me well if I am ill, to heal anything that causes me pain and NOT to tell me things I don’t need to hear.

Be mindful, be in the moment, release any angst and love yourself enough to do this. Allow yourself to transform from the cocoon into the beautiful butterfly that dances through life.

Heal yourself into being the best that you can be.

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