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28.09.2020 – IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today the Emperor has come to call, weighing in with his heavyweight Major Arcana energy. Interestingly today is the day the planet Saturn turns direct once more so let us use this forward momentum to work towards our ideal future and build the foundations that will assist us to support this.

The Emperor brings us ‘fatherly’ advice and protective energy. He knows how to stand in his power and bring stability and support to get what he wants. Do we know what it is we want as our ideal future?

He represents the Sun sign Aries which is one of the Fire elements that rules creativity. Is there anything stopping us being creative, allowing ourselves to view how we would be joyful living in our life ahead and how that creativity comes into play within that ‘picture’? Creativity is not only about the arts but it is always about imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness and inspiration. Let us stand in our power and take the lead role of our future. What is inspiring today and enabling us to do this?

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