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28.08.2021 Six of Pentacles & Two of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: Another double day and a nod to duality once more. Today we start with the Six of Pentacles. Pentacles are of the earth element and so, bring to us the energy of foundation and growth; it supports and nurtures us. Sixes are of balance, equilibrium and harmony.

This card is known as the Law of Attraction card. It is about getting what we need more so than what we want. Time to focus on where we place our energy and for us to trust that our efforts will be rewarded. Card of Moon in Taurus bringing us deep and unwavering affection.

Our second card gives us a direction as to where the energy of the six might reveal itself to us and that is with the Two of Cups, a card of manifesting new love. The following meaning from the Shadowscapes Companion book: ‘The Two of Cups is about making a connection, a union, a partnership. It is the bringing together of opposites and the potential for bonding. It is a relationship. . . . They are soulmates. They twist together to form one solid trunk, and yet they retain their individuality and their own colors. ‘ Card of the planet of love, Venus in the Sun sign of Cancer, bringing us the energy of care, comfort, commitment and security. A safe and solid relationship.

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