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28.07.2021 Nine of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Nine’s are about our own journey and about being ‘almost there.’ They are about compassion, compromises and spirituality. Cups, as I mentioned on Monday, are about emotions and feelings etc. We have another three Cups cards visiting with us before this week is out. This card is also known as the Wish Fulfilment card.

It represents us, you, me. We can be happy again. We can attain our hearts desire. Being happy in our own right, in our own space and in our own terms. A new goal. A card of abundance and accomplishment. Of conversations leading to positive opportunities.

A day to focus our minds to bring each of the full Cups to reality – it is within our grasp. Card of the lucky planet Jupiter in the Sun sign of Pisces highlighting the energy of charity, devotion, generosity, faith and peace. Being motivated by a universal view. Heather Eland of tells us that Jupiter retrograde re-enters [from Pisces into] Aquarius today. That it: ‘promotes internal growth over the external and asks us to insure that the growth and opportunities we’ve aligned ourselves with are truly connected with our integrity.’ What success will we have either today or from the energy of today that will carry over with the rest of this week?

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