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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

28.07.2019 – Nine of Wands (B2F)

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: This card came out back to front and, following on from yesterday’s card reading, makes me feel that you made the right choice yesterday; to come down from the lofty heights you had conquered back to a place where you can engage better with others.

A card that talks of compromise – well, it’s not always all about us, is it?

Turn it around! Although we may think we have a clear view of the way ahead there are often hidden peaks and troughs that only show themselves to us as we get closer to them.

Do not let this put you off, remember it is all about the journey and not the destination.

If we only have our sights set on the destination then we miss out on what life is all about, the participation and learning that happens the creations we create as we travel the highways and byways of life.

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