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28.06.2021 King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today we are being brought into the energy of authority, leadership and protection. Our king of the swords suit has journeyed his path to his journeys end.

He has garnered much in his travels and now contemplates all that he has learned and how it has changed him.

Swords are of the air element and link to mind over emotion, to focus and truth.

We have the fire element from the king and that is about creativity, expansion and will. Put them together and without the air the fire would go out, it also helps a fire to continue to burn, therefore it is a partnership of support that works to create their desired result. This could be a with a legal situation or a long term relationship. We are being given the guidance of being able to see a truth and clarity within that. Know it for what it is and how we interact therein. See the bigger picture today where we can take control through a clear knowing and move forward. Using our authority and making swift decisions while knowing it is right, clear, truthful and, in the end, liberating for us.

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