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28.04.2021 Queen of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A visit from the last Queen in the deck, the penultimate card – how wise then she must be to have travelled the journeys through to the end. But then what? We start again, for there is no ending, we are on a never ending journey that is change, and creation. Personally I don’t like any form of hierarchy symbolism such as ladders etc. and so I asked Spirit to show me something else, they gave me a flat grid with many squared of spaces – we are all in different boxes. Much nicer, thank you Spirit.

So once we are done in one square, we move on to another.

Queens bring us caring, experience and maturity. A card of healing energy and nurturing. Today would be a good time to focus on practical skills and how to bring value into our lives. Associated to the Sun sign of Capricorn who are very capable. Someone who understands how to be in whatever environment they find themselves in. Our Queen is off the water energy while the Pentacles suit is of the earth. She knows how to flow, how to manoeuvre any obstacles that are put in her way and when to stop, to ground herself until it is time to move on again. Let us connect with our intuition today and know when to flow and when to stand still.

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