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28.03.2019 – Eight of Cups

Thursday. Here again we have this card appearing but the right way up this time.

Are you able to follow your dream?

To take that spark of an idea that you have and bring it out into the world? Why you? Why not you?

No matter how similar it seems to something else, only you can deliver it from your standpoint.

Life has blended you into the person that you are and we are all unique in our own ways.

Like the painting on the gallery wall, some people will like it while others don’t. That’s ok, that’s life.

Don’t let others views stop you from producing something you feel will benefit others and bring enjoyment in the production of it for yourself.

As I said, why not you? Here the eight cups are all emptying out into the ocean, it is time for you to add something into the world.

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