• Patricia Jean Fleming

28.02.2021 Four of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: What fearful energy does today bring after two days of beautiful sharing? Why do we allow ourselves to dip back into old habits and fear of loss or losing? Learned behaviours go a long way in shaping us but we can change this, anything learned can be unlearned. If something does not ‘serve’ us, then why do we hold onto it? Why do we think things are a certain way when we have no jurisdiction, no power over it? Bringing ourselves back to the present minute is a wonderful tool to re-centre ourselves when we get caught up in that emotion. Just because it has always been doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. Life is about change and embracing it, flowing with it, surfing those waves of life. When we worry, we are in the energy of lead, we sink into the ocean of despair and only we/us can release the ‘rope’ that ties us to that anchor. This is the card of the Sun in Capricorn, earth energy that grounds us, weighs us down. Not all bad, sometimes we need that energy, but not when it stops us from freely living life. Let go the chains of worry, for worry only begets more worry and spirals dragging us down. Tomorrow is another day and we are never truly in control of what that will bring. So, learn to flow and learn the uplifting energy of positivity and gratitude.

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