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28.01.2022 Ace of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: The Aces of the suits are gifts from the universe. Cards of new beginnings and potential but of which we need to take action. This card also known as the Power of Air card or the Hand of Spirit/God and the Breakthrough card. Of opening a new door we have wanted to open. Receiving a mental breakthrough. Seeing solutions and presenting ourselves differently.

We are being guided with soul path energy. Similar in energy to the Fool card of the major arcana. Reaching a breakthrough, clarity, a victory. Of being in our power and of how we need to move forward. It has been a difficult journey to get here. Existing problems being resolved. Card of ambition, changefulness, curiosity, logical conclusions. Of garnering the guidance received and finding our power of self, to be in truth of self.

We have a new moon coming on the first of February GMT 05:45 therefore 31st January in the Americas. I feel this energy starting now, it is going to be in the air sign of Aquarius, the sign of truth and science. It is visionary and future oriented – all of which has been showing up in this reading today. Planet Uranus is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Aquarius and is currently sitting in the earth element sign of Taurus. A day to step into our uniqueness and celebrate the diversity of our being. No one walks in our shoes and neither do we walk in the shoes of others.

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