• Patricia Jean Fleming

28.01.2021 Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Known as the Law of Attraction card, today the six of pentacles is aided by the light of the full moon in Leo; being at its fullest at 19:16 GMT. It is time to focus on where to place our energy and, to know that is to know what it is we want to be focusing on at this time. Or, are we happy to make music and allow it to come to us in its own good time, embracing the flow of give and take? Have we put into place as much as it is possible for us to do? For surely efforts will be rewarded but don’t ask when, that kind of energy only serves to chase the reward further away from us. Step into faith and be open to receive all that we need rather than all that we want; unless that is coming from an unconditional loving heart and not an egotistical desire. Nice to have this card today as its aligned with the moon in Taurus. The moon when full illuminates our path but are we ready to walk it? Taurus energy is about compassion, emotion, relationships, stability/grounded. How does that show up for us today?

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