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27.09.2021 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: Checking in with us today

The Devil asks if we have paid heed to the messages from last week or can he still put the ‘cat among the pigeons’ and cause us some disruption today? Was yesterday’s Happy Home card enough to pull us into positive focus rather than his negativity? Our choice, we have control of this if we allow ourselves to do so.

I hear the refrain ‘Devil in a blue dress’ etc. song recorded by Mitch Ryder 1967.

I check the lyrics and realise that the energy that is being communicated via this song was that, certain ways a woman dressed was enough for a man to see her as a devil. The thing is, it was them the Devil was playing with, all day long!

What limitations of fear are we being asked to question or understand today? Planet Mercury goes retrograde at 11:10pm MDT 26th = 06.10am BST (GMT+1hr) 27th. Heather Eland shares her astrology advising that: ‘Mercury in Libra compels us to way the options to consider all potential perspectives and solutions before forming strong opinions. . . communications [will be] colored by penetrating focus and intensity combined with a sense of optimism and growth! . . . Mercury’s entire retrograde cycle in Libra is giving us an ability to dive into internal matters pertaining to the structures of the relationships and promises internal growth and cathartic transformation!’ We note that this does not guarantee the outcome we are looking for, however, it will be the best outcome for all concerned .https://www.astrologywithheather.com/

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