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27.07.2021 Ace of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: This week is all Cups and Swords, emotion and justice. Today another guide for us to new beginnings. Each day I wake up and give thanks for another chance to experience a day in this amazing place we call Earth. Any challenge is a learning experience and any learning experience is a step towards enlightenment which takes us to a place of freedom and peace. A place where we can live in truth without conflict where there is no need for justice for we all just are us, being, sharing, loving, nurturing, growing and experiencing without competition or sacrifice.

Where we can be ‘I’ connected to all things and understanding of the greater energy of nature and life.

Today the planet Mercury enters Leo. Mercury is about communication and Leo is fire, passion. Today I am sharing my words, my passion of the New World I have been given a glimpse of.

This is my truth.

Aces are our gifts from the Universe. They are of our potential of which we have to take action but not in an ego driven way. It is about learning who we are, what is our purpose and how we can be in the world. This card is about our soul energy. We are being guided. It is about speaking our truth, coming into a mental breakthrough. New doors are opening for us all today, are we ready to walk through?

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