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27.06.2021 Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Hopefully we had an easy ride with the heads up of yesterdays energy but it is always worth keeping in mind that aggression is an activator, a catalyst, whereas being assertive is about giving our personal view; as we have every right to. Only those with personal agendas over us will object to us being assertive.

Today’s card represents someone who stands in their own light. Finding our self, our own way in this world. Finding out what is the truth as in personal truth and not the learned behaviours of others; especially those truths that don’t ‘feel’ right to us. Music is a great analogy for this as not everyone is aligned to the same music.

We all have personal preferences, so we should have a right to this and not be forced to listen to the same music choice as others while alone in our own homes, cars etc. Through the years I have lived, they have shown me how those in power seem to only be able to work to ‘one size fits all’ models, and personally, I have found few that I could fit comfortably into. This is a card of the planet Venus in the Sun sign of Virgo and highlights the need for independence, even in relationships. The oxygen mask scenario, you first, so that you can then be in the best ‘condition’ before trying to assist someone else.

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