• Patricia Jean Fleming

27.06.2020 – Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: The Pentacles or sometimes known as the Coins can be about financial and value systems as well as practical matters. Something where ‘worth’ is concerned. Today we see the lady sat at her piano and what feels like composing while wistfully dreaming of what she would like to see happen in her life. In fact the song ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of This’ by the Eurythmics is playing in my head as I look at this. Nine energy is of almost being ‘there’, don’t give in, there is only one final step to be made to bring a conclusion to something or reach a goal. Remembering that the end of every path or challenge is always followed by the beginnings of another. This is the Venus in Virgo card and again, like our solitary lady this energy is of needing a bit of space today for you and you may notice it in family and friends too; no matter what their sun signs are.

We all need time to dream our dreams. Have you touched base with yours recently? ‘Everybody’s looking for something!’

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