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27.05.2021 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: How nice to see our lovely Queen of Cups stepping forward for us today. Yesterday we blew our wishes out to the Universe with the full moon energy. Today we receive the energy of faith that all will be as it needs to be for us.

Our Queen steps knowingly without looking, trusting that the Turtles will be there to support each step she takes.

The queen energy is of caring, experience and maturity. Queens are of the element of water as is the cups suit. Will this energy assist us to flow today? An energy of nurturing our emotions and spiritual interests. Of knowing ourselves and a new level of understanding of what is important for us in terms of home and family. Maybe we just need to take some time away from the challenges of the external world and listen to our own intuition today. As the Shadowscapes Companion book tells us: ‘Guided by instincts, she is attuned to the other-world and finds joy in that communion of kindred spirits. . . She dances on, embraced by the endless azure ocean and heavens, and where the sea meets the sky; there is no seam.’ Do we have seams that need to be ironed out today? Or, are we flowing, guided, finding joy with others like us?

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