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27.04.2022V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Card of spiritual and moral development. A search for meaning. Healing introspection by shinning the light from within. Finding answers from within ourselves. Card of dealing with an authority figure. Of tradition and being guided, of order and rules. Seen as Gods representative and therefore linked to the catholic church and the pope. Teacher, higher authority, church, government. Card of conservatism, loyalty, materialism, moral values, possessions and stability. Five represents change, if we focus on its negative aspects it only keeps us stuck in them, change our view to one of positivity and an attitude of gratitude. Inhibited thinking keeps us stuck. A day for practicality and self-direction. Of being aware of our skills and capability. Take time today to honour ourselves, self-appreciation. To be present, in the moment, here, now. Conscious and open hearted. Card of the zodiac sign of Taurus and therefore the planet that is its ruler, Venus. Planet of relationships and values, love and resources, of art and beauty, affection and harmony, femininity and pleasure. Taurus balanced traits are affluence, frugality, gratitude, luxuriousness, resourcefulness, self-reliance, sensuality, and supportive. Be our best friend today and treat ourselves as we would treat a friend.

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