• Patricia Jean Fleming

27.04.2020 – XXI The World Reversed

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Monday: Did you feel a change in energy yesterday? Moon Omens tell us that: 25/26th Pluto went retrograde. . . ‘humanity is fully capable of reclaiming the power of the people.’ For us to do this we need to stand into our own individual power and attest the outdated business regimes that would tie us to desks in horrid open plan offices and for fear that we wouldn’t do the work we were being paid to do; that there was no way we could work from home. Thankfully we now have a new precedent for that old nugget.

Think of the savings in travel to commute to the office and drop in pollution if we could work from home? Naturally I mean for those who can and acknowledge that not everyone is tied to a desk. Maybe the alleviation of office space could be turned into much needed homes? Could the ‘high street’ also change into less shops and more homes with an increase in home delivery? So, today the World reversed! What else are you being able to see that would make for an easier way to live life without the dictatorial views of others who think they know best and herd everyone into the same rigid systems?

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