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27.02.2021 Seven of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today at 08:17 GMT (UTC) we have the full moon in Virgo. We are staying in the water energy of the Cups suit with the seven energy of assessment, evaluation and reflection. It is the card of Venus in Scorpio and a nice follow on from yesterdays reading and today’s full moon energy. Full moon energy is a culmination and of letting go of things we no longer need. A time to trust our intuition to make clear choices while we are supported by the Sun in Pisces. Attraction, commitment and an intensity of the deepest feelings. A card of going for our hopes and dreams by putting in the effort needed to ‘birth’ it. Hold onto your dreams, work on them in the next two weeks and plant them with the new moon energy on the 13th of March which is the ideal time. It will be in Pisces, 12thHouse of the unconscious; the spiritual realms. When we believe in a greater life beyond the human existence we realise that ‘life’ is not just here on earth. We are only a small part of the greater existence of all that is. We can learn to work with that energy in a favourable way that enhances our life here on earth. Believe in miracles, they do happen. Allow ourselves to shift into the positive energy that makes this possible.

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