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27.01.2022 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Yesterday we had the last card of the major arcana, today the last card of the minor! Maybe if I didn’t choose 21 days at a time we could get the same card coming out again and again but this way the energies bring me the nearest they can give us. This card is also known as the Card of Trust or the Trust Card.

We have reached the end of a journey, a summit, a pinnacle, the end of something, completion, culmination. We have the fire element from the King and the earth element from the Pentacles. It may be achievement and dominance in commerce or industry. It can also be achievement in getting to know ourselves better – having taken the inward journey of discovery. Now it is time for us to go in search of what makes us happy. Did we know that life was meant to be happy and joyful? Kings are about authority, leadership and protection and we need to do this for ourselves, take care of us and be knowledgeable about personal authority and through that leadership. Good leadership is in being humble enough to know we can never know everything and that it aids us to be able to listen to others. With free will we can make our choice. Molly McCord: shared on Instagram that Venus will station direct in a couple of days so we may already be feeling this energy. ‘We should feel a shift and new awareness around what Venus Retrograde has been teaching us. . . May this shift support us in loving and accepting ourselves more, regardless of what anyone else thinks or what their opinion might be.’

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