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26.12.2020 V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Known as the representative of the Divine, today the Hierophant visits with us to bring awareness of the continual change of life and living and how we can make peace with this ‘flow’ of all that is.

It is the ego mind that ‘thinks’ that things should not change yet all around us in nature tries to awaken us to the normalcy of change and evolution.

This year has been a big wake up call to see things differently and we are always encouraged to find our thoughts steered on a positive keel? Strong in foundation yet able to sail the waves that show up in our lives.

This card is represented by the Sun sign of Taurus and lends itself to tradition, order and rules. We should not ‘rest on our laurels’ but accept that all traditions will change through time and we would do ourselves a favour if we flow with that energy rather than trying to drag our anchors against it.

What are we hanging onto that needs to be released?

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