• Patricia Jean Fleming

26.10.2021 Ten of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: From two days of Cups we move to three days of Wands. Out of the water and into the fire, things are hotting up! Yesterday we were asked to look deeply into ourselves and again today this vein continues with looking at how we live our lives. Do we take on the burdens of the world? Expect too much of ourselves? Whether our burdens are visible or not, they weigh us down regardless. We could continue with the same old, same old, or we could release our constraints, shrug off the unwanted and make space for the new to come into our lives. Today is a day of lightening our load. Again we are asked: ‘Does this really need to be done today?’ We have been pushed beyond the expectations of those who want their pound of flesh and still they want more.

Is today the day the straw will break the camels back? Let us hope we stop it before any damage is done! Burdens can also come in the form of overbearing energies. Why let others speak to us like that when we would never do that to another. Accept our own boundaries as being necessary for us, even when they are different to others. We are all wonderfully unique and it would be a very boring world if we were not. Card of the planet Saturn in the Zodiac sign of adventurous Sagittarius. How can we bring adventure into our lives today? We won’t be able to if we don’t throw of our burdens. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and structure, but one persons qualities can be a heavy weight for someone else to carry! Be yourself today, not the molded replica of someone else.

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