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26.09.2020 – Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: A return to Pentacles energy today and Venus in Virgo, card number nine. Nines are about compassion, compromise and spirituality. They are about our own individual life journey. It is the ‘almost there’ card with ten being completion. This is a very independent energy even when in relationships; with a pragmatic approach to love. It is about standing in our own light. Associated with Earth energy it brings us the impetus to be grounded about our values and practical matters including finance. Be in the now, but allow ourselves that dream of the future – don’t worry about the details of that though, the Universe can take better care of it for us than we can. So ‘take a load off’ rest awhile and find some enjoyment in a creative pursuit. Stand in our own power and know our worth. We are all uniquely and wonderfully different – it is okay to be us! Let us cast aside judgement of self and others and get on with living our lives. Be aware of our own self-sufficiency today and be grateful for it.

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