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26.08.2021 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: Staying with the suit of Cups we have a second royal visitor this week and a very welcome visitor she is too. Can we all imagine having the trust and faith of this ‘force of nature’. Second day of water element energy and two for one today in both the Queen and the Cups. Are we flowing? Have we found a pace that suits us and allows us to flow seamlessly without hidden rocks or being caught up along the 'sides'? If we worry about these things then we tend to create the energy that brings them to us. Therefore, it is helpful for us to try to stay in a positive energy and outlook. Our Queen today is indeed Queen of that energy.

The Shadowscapes Companion book tells us that: ‘She is poetry in motion, imagination incarnate. . . She heeds her intuition and follows her heart. She listens to the whispers of the stars for she knows they are much wiser than any being on this earth. . . Guided by instincts, she is attuned to that otherworld and finds joy in that communion of kindred spirits.’

Do we surround ourselves with kindred spirits today? Do we remember to have fun and enjoy life and living? This card brings us a new level of understanding of what is important to us in terms of love, family, our sanctuary from the challenges of the external world. Learning to be in our own power individually and flowing with other like minded souls.

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