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26.07.2021 Ten of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: Tens link us to an end of a cycle, completion and perfection. Cups energy is linked to the water element and about emotions and feelings. Water can be gentle or a powerful flood. Linked to conquest or drive in creative matters or relationships. It talks of successful relationships, marriage, long term partnerships, commitment and family dynamics. This card is also known as the Happy Ever After card. Therefore it is positive energy that steps forward for us today in whichever way it presents and not just romantic love. Can you feel the energy and positive flow as the couple wrap around each other engaged only with each other and not aware of anything else around them. Love is blind! The fish are symbols of good fortune and success. The Shadowscapes Companion book says of this card that it: . . . ‘is the final attainment of serenity and peace. Success and happiness have been granted at last ~ an all encompassing emotional contentment, not just a physical or material pleasure. Family support and bonds are important to being able to enjoy the blessings of life.’ Linked to the planet Mars in the Sun sign of Pisces. What energy will lift us today into that lightness of being, happy and peaceful, maybe even loved?

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