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26.06.2021 XVI The Tower

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Our fourth and last major arcana card this week, we have had much fated energy coming our way in a week of the Summer Solstice and the full moon in Capricorn. Today’s card is the Tower and card of planet Mars, the planet of aggression and power; ruler of Sun sign Aries. Many believe that we experience ‘tower’ moments in our life to move us on, to liberate us or to realign us to a new path. It has us experience something of force and unexpected. It is the ultimate ‘change’ card and with it coming forward today as our fourth major card this week it talks to me of unstable foundations. Are there things in life that we ‘thought’ were stable but are really insecure? The following information from www.astrologywithheather.comShortly after Venus moves into the generous and heart centered sign of Leo [26th June], it will begin to activate the T-Square between Mars, Saturn and Uranus. This energy is ripe with discord, arguments, separations, challenges and disputes in relationships, agreements, negotiations, beauty and material matters. If your goal is to bring people together and to create a feel-good sense of harmony and joy—it’s best to hold off until after this energy passes.

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