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26.05.2021 Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Today we have the powerful full moon in Sagittarius at 12:13hours British Summer Time (BST) which is GMT +1. Not only full but also a super-moon and an unusual total lunar eclipse exact at 12:18hours; *’actual length of time in full eclipse will only be 14mins 30secs.’1430 = 8 in numerology, as is the number of today’s card. Eights are continuum, infinity, about money and power. The negative side can be authoritarian, careless and greedy. With a full moon, wishes can come true, a good time for working with spells if that is your way and nicely pictured in our seed blowing lady with today’s card. An excellent time to cleanse crystals. A day to engage with the energy of movement, power and progress; positive change. A day when we have the energy on our side to assist us in mastering something, when we can take action to bring about positive change. This card is associated to the planet Mercury in the Sun sign of Sagittarius. tells us: ‘Freedom of thought is what Mercury in Sagittarius strives for; at least in theory. . . people communicate in an optimistic, forward-looking manner. Their ideas are generally very big, but it’s probably wise to use tact when you see all the little holes in their arguments. Remember, they mean well. These people have vision. . . defend justice and freedom religiously.’ A day to be conscious of listening to others and being clear in our conversations. Make space for some fun also today. *

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