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26.04.2022 King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Yesterday started a new tranche of twenty one cards (with card number 21!) and this batch has nine major arcana and six court cards which feels very auspicious. Today we have the King of the first suit, Wands. I love the artistry of this card which conjures up, for me, the energy of the Magician which is card one in the majors. Kings are of authority, leaders and protectors. They are of the fire element as are the Wands therefore double fire energy raging its way to us today. He is self-made yet generous and humble. He has an appreciation for life and creativity. A great achiever and dominator in areas of work and creativity. Someone who takes the lead, the initiative, of go getting energy, fighter energy, who doesn’t let things go very easily. An all encompassing person of inspiration and tenacity, determination, fire and passion. Energy of an offer, of receiving or of support. The King is linked to Sun energy and to the zodiac sign it rules which is Leo. Sun energy brings us a sense of purpose, self-expression and vitality. Of creativity, ego and life. Leo is creative, generous, giving, loving, self-assured, self-expressive, passionate and playful. Can we bring these traits into whatever we find ourselves engaging with today?

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