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26.02.2022 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: What limitations or fears are we being asked to question or to understand in ourselves and the wider world today? Fear is a debilitating energy that we have learned to accept in our lives. There are tools to help us look at it in a different light like the acrostic of False Evidence Appearing Real and others like Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. Card of the shadow self, of negativity. We are reminded of our boundaries, commitments and responsibilities. Imbalance, powerlessness and toxicity. Detachment, materialism and pessimism. The representation of a puppet on a string speaks volumes as to what fear can do to us. Do we settle for less or can we find our power that allows us to cut the strings that manipulate us at their will? Card of the planet Saturn, of achievement, mastery and responsibility. Along with the traits of the sun sign it rules, Capricorn, ambitious, constant and wise. A day to be wise in our own power and truly believe in our right to be our true selves; not letting others have power over us. A day to let go of our ego and be our authentic self. Always choosing love before fear and an attitude of gratitude. A day to find joy and happiness within us no matter what is happening around us. Finding unity with others from the place of power of self alongside others, never over others. That kind of love and unity will lead us all to true community. The things in life that are being abused due to perceived necessary systems will become obsolete. Through the power of love over fear, the new world will grow. Do not fear the Devil for it shows us what we do not want and the way back to Love. ‘All We Need Is Love!’

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