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25.12.2020 Three of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Not a bad card to get for today and especially for those of us who celebrate Christmas. Staying with the water energy and planet Mercury (messenger, fluidity, quick-silver) in Sun sign of Cancer (emotion, moonology, cycles). This card is known as the card of celebration and many of us will be celebrating this day.

The card can convey some nostalgia if we allow that energy to creep in but that was then and this is now. Let us open ourselves to being here now and making the best of today. The nights are already starting to lengthen here in the Northern Hemisphere. This day is another at the end of the year used as a marker as to where we have been and where we think we may be going. Rather than be concerned about the past or the future, let us be in today and give thanks for all we have no matter what we may no longer have. Let us celebrate that which we have had even though it is now gone from us. If we want to of course, there is no ‘must do’ here. You are in charge of you, do what is right for you today but please consider trying to

bring at least a little smile into your life today – we all deserve that. Happy Holidays xx

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