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25.10.2021 Six of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: ‘Being closed off’ is what is coming through as I turn this card over today. Being like the Ostrich and sticking our heads in the sand when there are things that we don’t want to face. Yesterday, the four of this suit asked us to look within – did we, or did we e.g. not have the time? Have we decided to live in a fairy story of our own making and not face facts of what is actually transpiring around us? Maybe we have decided to look to the positive and picture the kind of life we would rather be living than that which is playing out before us currently.

If all we see is fear, doom and gloom, then that is what we call to us as the power of attraction has no filter as to what it connects with. So, when we look at this card today and see the happy child proffering tea to her make believe friends while her ancestors support her in her quest, do we wish we could be in that energy once more or does the ‘voice of reason’ tell us it is a silly game to be played? The card is about reconnecting to the energy of self, of who we really are. A nice follow on from yesterdays four. Today it is about finding happiness and joy, finding our happy place. What would our tea party look like today? Card of charm and creativity, regeneration, sensitivity and will power. Of finding our inner light within and to put our energy in a forward direction. This card is also known as the Nostalgia card. Let us not lose ourselves in the past but rekindle that innocence that allowed us to be ourselves. Good times are coming, be sure of that!

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