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25.10.2020 – XIII Death (Phoenix Rising)

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Not a card to be afraid of – death is a natural occurrence. Only when we are caught up in the ego minds do we fear death. As humans we witness the life cycle of many things in life, and, most much shorter than the many years we can possibly live. What happened in life that stopped us celebrating it and had us instead mourning death? For it surely does us no good. In fact, fear is a way of life that many would have us live so we can be manipulated. Can we reach the ultimate transformation and rise from the ashes of this week’s guidance that we have been in receipt of? Can we embrace the energy of the phoenix and rise up to face the world with a renewed enthusiasm for living life and finding our place and purpose in it? Can we look beyond the current turmoil and live in our own space and time, here and now; not worrying about tomorrow but making the most of today? Can we awaken into our own power of moving ourselves into a better place to be in holding a positive view of the future?

Free will of course, our choice!

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