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25.09.2021 Ten of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: Have we allowed ourselves to be lifted up out of the heaviness of the past few days? It certainly feels so much better if we do. They say ‘fake it till you make it.’ So even if you don’t feel much like smiling, or being even a little bit happy, try. It definitely helps. If we hold ourselves in a cloud of doom and gloom then that is what we feel and it is not nice. It does not serve us. Tens are about endings and beginnings and today we are being asked to be a bit more fluid when it comes to change. It may not appear to be in our best interests but as often than not it is. Some may use words as weapons against us but they are only words. Get out of our heads and into our hearts – nothing really matters apart from being happy and living this life. We are told ‘a new day is dawning’ and again if we can hold that in our knowing then we can take support from this when things may currently feel awry/crooked/amiss. This card talks about life changes and breaking out of difficult cycles in our lives, breaking out of addictions – whatever they are, not just drink or drugs! As was said in yesterdays reading, we are never alone and when something troubles us then try asking for help. We may not get what we think we should or what we want but again, we usually get better.

The Shadowscapes Companion book says ‘Sometimes there is nothing to do but ride it out and pick up the pieces when things finally come to a halt, and learn from the mishaps.'

The nice thing is, this is old energy and not of the New World coming. Why wait? Let’s allow ourselves to be happy now. We are blessed with free will, let us use it to lift ourselves into a better place to be.

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