• Patricia Jean Fleming

25.09.2020 – Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Feeling a gentle flow of peaceful energy coming from this card today. Beautiful. Very poignant for me as my lovely Mum passed over yesterday. Blessed to have had so many years with her but still never easy when the time comes.

Today we are being guided to release any angst and acknowledge the true flow of life and death in all things; this is as all things are on earth. We are guided also ‘as above, so below.’ We do not truly know what is beyond this life but anything I have received has come from the most wonderful loving and supportive of energies. The only negatives I have experienced have been within this life here on earth and usually come from the ego. Pages in the suits are the messengers and this is our message today, to be grateful for the full cup that is before us in many unacknowledged instances.

Let us start to be grateful for all these wonderful things that we have and witness in this life. Gratitude goes beyond the voicing of it, it has an energy of its own. It encourages more of the same to mirror back to us. Can you see the positive things in your life today without letting the negatives outweigh them?

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