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25.06.2021 XI Justice

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: A card of doing the right thing both for you and for everyone involved, what we call today a 'win win' result. It is easily seen as associated to balance and the scales of justice and therefore linked to Sun sign Libra. It is all about truth and in taking decisive action. Rewards for ones efforts. Victory in court or legal actions; maybe a settlement coming. Looking at the card I receive the request for us to be fair in any correspondence today and I am reminded of the sentence I keep next to me when I write my Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms – it says: ‘Angel of Power: I am energised by the power of Universal Love. Go gently, consider others receipt of my words.’ Adapted from Chrissie Astell The Guardian Angel Oracle guidance.

The Shadowscapes Companion book says: ‘Admit and acknowledge the truth. Comprehend the results of your actions and the connections they have to everything around, and from that, set course for the future.’

Number 11 [XI] is the first master number in numerology, it brings deep insights and a need for solitude. Don’t let ourselves get caught up in petty dramas today.

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